Moai Fuort Simmerfestival


The Moai Fuort Simmerfestival is an international dance- and musicfestival in Burgum, the Netherlands.
Once every two years the festival takes place and lasts about one week. In this week a lot of different activities are organised (shows, parades, workshops).

International Groups

The purpose of the Moai Fuort Simmerfestival is to connect people, especially people from different cultures. Therefore a couple of different international groups are invited for the festival. They show the culture of their country to the visitors of the festival (mainly Dutch) and to the other international groups. There are also Dutch groups and acts at the festival. In this way a cultural exchange takes place, through the “universal language” of music, dance and fun.


Everybody understands the “universal language”of music, dance and fun! Let’s Meet, Dance & Experience!

Join the festival?

If you are interested to join the next festival, please send an e-mail to and we will provide you with further information.